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Super Virtual Intruder 2000 is a experimental asymmetrical local multiplayer pvp game for 2 players, which can be played between HTC Vive and PC. It is our tribute to 90' movies about hacking and being in Virtual Reality (which as we know was not very accurate back in the day). One of the players is badass special agent who is trying to reach the motherboard and "hack" the mainframe of enemy supercomputer. Second player takes a role of the system overseer, and he needs to use his minions to stop agent from breaking through.


- Asymmetrical pvp local multiplayer gameplay (different game mechanics and different winning conditions for both players)

- Full VR experience for HTC Vive player (First Person)

- Three Different retro futuristic weapons to choose from (Laser shotgun included)

- Four "unique" enemy classes to fight through

- Glorious randomly generated environment (kind of)

- Very "experimental" electronic synth music made with totally random ipad app

- Progression through levels

- 2D "Tower Offense" gameplay experience for PC Player

- 3 different power ups for PC player along with different minigames (Power Coding; Snake; Hack-a-mole)


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SVI2K.zip 36 MB
SVI2K_patch.zip 36 MB

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